1. Understanding of biodiversity is rising significantly.

2. Biodiversity is a global concept, with high awareness in emerging markets in Latin America and Asia.

3. People want to personally contribute to biodiversity conservation, but don’t know how.

4. Consumers expect companies to respect biodiversity, but there is little confidence that they currently do.

5. Transparency is important. Consumers want to know whether sourcing practices respect people and biodiversity. They would like more information, externally validated.

6. Brand reputation, authentic stories and images in brands' communication convince consumers.

7. Millennials have the highest awareness of biodiversity and can identify brands that respect biodiversity.

8. Few international brands are positioned on the respect of people and biodiversity.

9. Corporate communication on biodiversity by beauty, food and beverage companies is on the rise, but still falls short of expectations.

10. References to access and benefit sharing (ABS) are rising in corporate communications.