In 2018, camera interviews were conducted with consumers in some of the countries where the consumer research for the Biodiversity Barometer took place. People interviewed below are different from those who participated in the consumer surveys.



This video portraits Marine a French committed consumer  of 27 years old living in Paris.

“I am a committed consumer to reduce my impact on biodiversity" ... " It is a way to respect the environment and take care of myself".

"I am interested in where the products is coming from...I also look at the amount of ingredients".

"Brands have a responsibility to promote the farmers they rely on".



This video portraits Mara, a US mum and a caring consumer living in Brooklyn.

"When I go food shopping ... it takes me so much time as I am reading little single thing on the label : where it was made, what’s in my food.."

"Lately I have been more conscientious on finding out who is picking these plants for my essential oils. Are people over there getting paid anything... "

"I tried to find products that are more conscientious about the environment and in turn, that really helps my skin."


This video portraits Catherine, a French citizen who runs three Biocoop, organic shops in Paris.  

"What is important for me is the relationship with all farmers ... our work will help to create businesses that share our values".

"I also want to educate customers : in my shops, through debate nights and newsletters I try to raise their ecological and social conscience".